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Maleficent returns to service

Image The fantasy tale "Maleficent" hit the big screens in 2014, and the audience loved the new version of the story about the evil sorceress from The Sleeping Beauty. They donated $ 758 million paintings, so the desire of Disney to make a sequel to the film did not surprise anyone. However, despite the fact that " Maleficent 2 " has been on the studio's plans for a long time, there has been no progress in the work on the second part.

According to the portal The Tracking Board , the studio has returned the sequel from oblivion and found a new scriptwriter for it. Originally written by Linda Wolverton, who worked on the original, will now be rewritten by Jez Butterworth . He already has experience working with Disney - not so long ago, Jez finished the script for the movie Cruella, which will tell about the famous villainess from 101 Dalmatians.

Butterworth also has work on other movie hits - the blockbuster "007: SPECTRUM" and the fantastic action movie "Edge of Tomorrow". Also in the filmography of the screenwriter there are films "Black Mass", "Game without Rules" and "The Last Legion", and this year Jez managed to have a hand in the creation of the television drama "Britain".


Angelina Jolie is still going to star in the second Maleficent , but further work on the sequel largely depends on the filming schedule of the Hollywood star. Despite the fact that the first part received mixed reviews, it remains the highest grossing film in the filmography of Jolie .

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Author: Jake Pinkman