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Steven Spielberg will revive Naughty Animations

Image The triumphant return to the screens of the cult mystical drama Twin Peaks proved that the world of television is seriously nostalgic for the 90s. Not surprisingly, the bosses of leading American channels and online services have recently begun to willingly give the green light to remakes, sequels and reboots of TV series that have enjoyed immense popularity in the last decade of the last century.

As it became known to the edition Indiewire , after the inhabitants of the mysterious Twin Peaks and the heroes of the "X-Files", the characters of the cartoon show " Naughty Animations " will return to the small screens. The original animated series was produced by Warner Bros. Animation and Steven Spielberg Amblin Entertainment . One of the greatest directors of our time not only served as a producer of a children's program, but also actively participated in the work on its script.

The main characters of the show were restless cartoon characters - Yakko , Wakko and Dot Warners . According to the plot of the series, cartoon characters were born thanks to the animators of the Warner Bros. company back in the 30s of the XX century. The studio executives were so disappointed with their films that they decided to destroy all the old films and lock the trinity of pranksters in their famous water tower. The Warner family was imprisoned for many decades, until, in the 90s, they finally managed to implement a desperate escape plan ...


The series has won eight daily Emmy awards over its five seasons. In total, from 1993 to 1998, 99 episodes of " Naughty Animations " were released. The audience's farewell to popular cartoon heroes took place in 1999 in the film "Wakko's Wish", which went straight to the video.

It was in " Naughty Animations " that such famous animated characters as Pinky and Brain made their first appearance on television. Funny laboratory rats quickly became the favorites of the public, and already in the mid-90s they decided to devote their own series to them.


Last year, " Naughty Animations " added the video library of the popular online service Netflix . The cartoon aroused such interest among users of the streaming giant that Spielberg and the leadership of Warner Bros. came up with the idea of creating a reboot of the franchise.

The plot details of the new version of " Naughty Animations " are still kept secret. It is possible that the bosses of Netflix will also take part in the revival of the animated hit. The online service is currently collaborating with WB on the sequel to the sitcom Full House, which was closed by ABC in the mid-90s.

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Author: Jake Pinkman