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Confused Assassin and Monsters on Wheels: Watch This Week

Image Five premieres will open in USA cinemas this week, the loudest of which was promised to be a tape based on the Assassin's Creed game series. But, apparently, it won't. Critics smashed Justin Kurzel's painting to smithereens. Recall that the plot of the film revolves around the sentenced to death Callum Lynch , who was offered to replace the execution with participation in an unusual experiment. Subject was connected to an Animus device and immersed in the memories of his Assassin ancestor to find out where the powerful artifact was hidden.

One of the main claims of authoritative critics, let's be honest, who are not particularly versed in the rich mythology of the original, was the general confusion of the plot. Those unfamiliar with the Assassin's Creed universe may not be very clear about what is happening on the screen - there is too much superfluous information, too little representation of the characters, and the subplots are intertwined so bizarrely that they do not clarify anything at all.

The reviewers were offended by the fact that such a wonderful actor like Michael Fassbender, if he plays anything here, it is only with his trained muscles. By the way, Michael is listed among the producers of the project (he also put Kurzel in the director's chair), and many have already rushed to blame him for the failure of the film. Maybe Fassbender is not to blame, but from now on Assassin's Creed will definitely be considered the worst film of his acting career.

Assassin's Creed
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However, there were those who almost liked the movie - mostly fans of the original, who noted that the film was not so bad for the film adaptation of the game (apparently, it's time to introduce a separate rating system for films filmed for games). The positive reviews also mentioned spectacular parkour scenes and a decent recreation of 15th century Spain. However, it seems that our viewers will not be scared by bad reviews: according to distributors, more than 80% of tickets bought in advance for the coming weekend include the name Assassin's Creed .

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For a family trip to the movies, "Monster Trucks" is suitable - a comedy action by Chris Wedge, which tells the story of a high school student who assembled a car from old parts, and then made friends with a funny animation monster and, in his company, set off into unlucky Adventures. The idea for the picture belongs to the former president of the film company Paramount Adam Goodman and his four-year-old son, who once imagined that the monster trucks could be real monsters. This project is designed more for children than for adults: there is much less spectacular action in it than jokes tied to the appearance and awkward behavior of the protagonist with tentacles.

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Fun races will also be waiting for you in the adjacent cinema hall - the French comedy No Brakes tells about how the cruise control in one family's car refused, and the new minivan decided to drive along the highway at a speed of 160 km / h without the ability to stop or brake. The filmmakers argue that many of the dangerous scenes were filmed without a green screen, which should add to the film's appeal in the eyes of those counting on a hilarious version of the action movie Speed. We also note that viewers who have already appreciated the picture noted that there are too many scenes of violence for a comedy.

Finally, the French film False Confessions will open in limited release. This is the story of a poor bourgeois Dorant in love with a rich widow Araminte . In order to achieve the location of his lady of the heart, the protagonist is ready to go not rash acts and those same false confessions. The project was directed by Luc Bondi, and the main roles were played by Louis Garrel and Isabelle Huppert.

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