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Kingsman, LEGO, and the Massacre: Watch This Week

Image The penultimate weekend in September promises that no cinema-goer will be disappointed with the poster. The distributors seemed to have decided that the mood of rains and yellowed leaves should be properly diluted with other emotions. For this purpose, seven new products will start at the box office next week.

The most anticipated premiere will be the continuation of the acclaimed film “Kingsman. Secret Service". The new tape is called "Kingsman. Gold ring". The first part turned out to be a pleasant surprise with an "adult" rating - it impressed both critics and viewers. The film crew of the original migrated to the sequel, and for director Matthew Vaughn it was the first experience of staging a sequel. In addition to Taron Edgerton, Mark Strong and Colin Firth, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore and Channing Tatum took part in the filming of the second part. I really don't want The Golden Ring to suffer the same fate as the sequels, so let's cross our fingers so that the new film has everything - from the trademark irony to thoughtful quotes like"manners is a man's face".

Kingsman: The Golden Ring
Dubbed Trailer

Although in recent years, Matthew Vaughn is extremely happy. Either he will release the brightest satire on the general obsession with comics ("Kick-Ass"), then he will successfully introduce X Fassbender and McAvoy into the franchise about the people, and in 2015 he launched a film series about elite intelligence founded by tailors. And since he decided to enter the same river twice, he should have enough trump cards in his sleeve.

The distributors will present to young viewers another cartoon from the Lego universe - "LEGO Ninjago Film". As in the two previous films - “Lego. Movie "and" Lego Movie: Batman "- we are waiting for funny jokes, high-quality detailing, an interesting plot. We hope for the directorial skills of Charlie Bean, who released the animated series Tron. Insurrection". The trailers, if anything, demonstrated that everything will be up to par. At the LEGO level!

ImageThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise has been running regularly for over a decade since the restart pleases fans and annoys critics. But since producers pay more attention to the financial side of the issue than to the image side, they have released their fourth film in the last fifteen years. The new tape is called "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Leatherface", from which it becomes clear who will be the main focus this time. The killer, nicknamed Leatherface, is the protagonist of the franchise, and now the authors intend to tell the story of his transformation from an ordinary inhabitant of a psychiatric clinic into a notorious maniac. And the role of the ranger chasing the protagonist went to Stephen Dorff, who then plays vampires, then Coppola is removed. By the way, this time the critics were supportive - on the aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, the film has 86% of positive reviews.

The busiest man in Hollywood, James Franco, amazes everyone around with his performance. But if you look at his filmography meticulously, you can see that the actor does not differ in his choice of roles. This week the thriller "Vault" is released, which overseas critics have already successfully defeated. But Franco has one of the central roles in the history of the bank robbery, which turned out to be a clash with otherworldly forces for the robbers. It's not entirely clear what he was doing in a second-rate thriller, but apparently he had a strong desire to take something out of the weekend or to portray extreme concern about what was happening.


Rezo Gigineishvili is the most popular Georgian director on the national cinema and TV. His new film "Hostages" is not just a story about how in the late 80s a company of young people hijacked a plane with the aim of leaving the USSR. This is the story of how young people thirty years ago had everything - the Beatles, jeans and American films. Everything except freedom. The film is especially interesting because it was shot by a man who almost did not find it at that time. However, he shot it so that he received positive reviews from domestic film critics. His wife Nadezhda Mikhalkova also played there.

ImageAuguste Rodin created nothing less than the sculpture in the form in which it has survived to this day. But what was going on in the soul of the one who created? Rodin was a controversial person, an emotional and addicted person. Women, customers, friends - everything faded into the background when he sculpted or traveled in search of inspiration. The biopic of this master was staged by Jacques Doyon, his own man at the Berlin Film Festival. However, this time the picture of the French classic was taken with hostility by everyone. But before you draw your own conclusions about how Douyon did not please the world film critics, you should familiarize yourself with the film personally.

Leonid Parfenov and Sergey Nurmamed continue their documentary franchise "USA Jews". The third film in the series is called "After 1948" and covers the period that begins with the assassination of the head of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, Solomon Mikhoels. The two previous films resonated with the USA film community and, despite their documentary nature, showed themselves well in the domestic box office.

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