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Marvel throws all-stars into battle with Thanos

Image Already next month in Atlanta, work will begin on one of the key films of the Third Phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - " Avengers: Infinity War ".

At the moment, Marvel studio is actively looking for extras and stunt actors, thanks to which the Movie Casting Call portal has got the casting list of the upcoming blockbuster. The list of characters involved in the plot of " Infinity War " makes it clear that the project is not in vain considered the culmination of the current stage of the popular film series development.

Quite expectedly, the names of actors such as Robert Downey Jr. appeared on the casting list. ( Iron Man ), Chris Evans ( Captain America ), Scarlett Johansson ( Black Widow ), Jeremy Renner ( Hawkeye ), Chris Hemsworth ( Thor ), Elizabeth Olsen ( Scarlet Witch ), Samuel L. Jackson ( Nick Fury ), Paul Rudd ( Ant-Man ), Paul Bettany ( Vision ), Sebastian Stan ( Winter Soldier ), Mark Ruffalo ( Hulk ), Chadwick Boseman ( Black Panther ) and Josh Brolin ( Thanos ).


The cast also confirmed long-standing rumors that Guardians of the Galaxy would take part in the blockbuster. Chris Pratt ( Star-Lord ), Zoe Saldana ( Gamora ), Dave Batista ( Drax) will return to familiar characters in Infinity War ), Karen Gillan ( Nebula ), Vin Diesel ( Groot ) and Bradley Cooper ( Rocket ).

Masters of the mystical arts such as Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Wong (Benedict Wong) will also have to join forces with the Avengers . In addition, " Infinity War " promises to introduce viewers to the new heroine of the MCU Marvel : Brie Larson will debut as Captain Marvel Carol Danvers ...


The main surprise was the absence in the casting list of the name of Tom Holland, who plays the role of Peter Parker . It is possible that Marvel has decided to save Spider-Man for the fourth movie about The Avengers . It was originally planned that " Infinity War " would be a two-part blockbuster, but then the management of the film company decided to make the third and fourth part about the superhero team standalone films.

Fans of Holland , Anthony Mackie ( Falcon ), Don Cheadle ( Warrior ), Evangeline Lilly ( Hope Van Dyne ) and many other Marvel stars do not despair yet, since the list that fell into the hands of Movie Casting Call probably contains the names of far from all the participants in the main cast of the blockbuster. Previously, it was rumored that directors Joe and Anthony Russo could use almost seven dozen comic book characters in " Infinity War ".


The film " Avengers: Infinity War " will be released in USA on May 3, 2018 .

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