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Casting: Winslet for Pandora, Elgort for Goldfinch

Image Almost twenty years have passed since the release of "Titanic", which brought Kate Winslet worldwide fame, and, finally, the actress is ready to work again with director James Cameron. According to Deadline, the Oscar winner is heading to the set of the new Avatars.

Filming for the sequels began last week and will be split into two blocks. Winslet's heroine is named Ronal, but other details of the role were not disclosed. Kate will accompany Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver and Cliff Curtis, as well as young actors who just recently posed for a photo together.

Cameron says he and Winslet have wanted to work together since the days of the Titanic. It is not known in how many parts the actress will be involved in, and Avatar 2 itself will open in USA cinemas on December 17, 2020. Previously, Kate can be seen in the dramas "Mountains Between Us" and "Wheel of Miracles.


Sony continues to put together a company for one of Spider-Man's most famous foes. The role of journalist Eddie Brock in the blockbuster "Venom", we recall, was given to Tom Hardy, and after him Michelle Williams and Reese Ahmed managed to subscribe to take part in the filming. Now actress Jenny Slate ("Your Child") has joined the star company. The name of her character is kept secret, but the journalists at least managed to find out that the heroine is a scientist.

The plot of the upcoming film has not been disclosed, and it is not yet clear how Sony will be able to build an entire universe around Peter Parker's friends and enemies without having Spider-Man at its disposal. The first to try his hand is Ruben Fleischer ("Gangster Hunters") - he was given the director's chair for "Venom".


Warner Bros. Studio and online service Amazon seem to have found a star for their joint project, the adaptation of Donna Tartt's novel The Goldfinch. Ansel Elgort ("Baby on a Drive") received the offer to play the main role in the film. He has to embody the image of Theodore Decker, who miraculously survived a terrorist attack in a museum, but lost his mother. All that he has left as a reminder of that tragic day is the painting "The Goldfinch" by the Dutch artist Karel Fabritius. Theo's life changes dramatically, turning into a series of adventures - from moving to Las Vegas to his father who is a swindler to participating in counterfeiting works of art.

The project is directed by John Crowley (Boy A) and is set to begin filming early next year.

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