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Tom Holland will become an Italian spy

Image Star of the reboot of the Spider-Man franchise Tom Holland and Homecoming producer Amy Pascal have found a new collaboration. According to the information portal Deadline , Pascal and Rachel O'Connor through their company Pascal Pictures acquired the rights to film the novel by American writer Mark Sullivan Under the Scarlet Sky * ( Beneath A Scarlet Sky ). The main role in the future film is assigned to Tom Holland .

The book tells the story of a forgotten hero of World War II. Pino Lella was an ordinary teenager who lived a beautiful and calm life in Italy until bombs started falling on Milan and rumors of Nazi atrocities spread around. While waiting for the moment to fight, Lella joined an underground organization that helped hundreds of Jews escape through the Alps to safety in a year using the underground railroad.

After his 18th birthday, Lella was forced to enlist in the German army, where he was immediately appointed as personal driver of the left hand of Adolf Hitler, General Hans Leyers . The ability to observe what was happening in the upper echelons of the Third Reich led to the Allies recruiting Pino as a spy. Known to Allied intelligence only under the codename Observer , Lella suffered the horrors of World War II and the Nazi occupation. He secretly transmitted data that was strategically important to turn the tide of the war. When the young man's courage weakened, he was supported by his love for a girl named Anna and the dream that someday they could spend life together.


The film will be produced by Pascal and O'Connor . Mark Sullivan , the author of the novel that served as the basis for the future tape, was a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa and an investigative journalist. He did in-depth research into Lella 's story, and it was eventually published as a novel, as many of the documentary records were destroyed. Pino Lella currently lives in Milan and recently celebrated his 91st birthday.

Tom Holland , in addition to participating in the sequel to superhero adventures, has also joined the Sony franchise based on the video game Uncharted .

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