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Husband and wife are one Satan

Image After winning three Oscars in March 2014, director Steve McQueen decided to take a break from the world of big cinema and make some short films. Two and a half years later, the talented director has finally decided on his next full-length project. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , McQueen has begun preparations for filming a film adaptation of the British TV series Widows .

The original serial drama was aired on ITV in the mid-80s. At the center of the story were three women, whose husbands were killed while trying to pull off an armed robbery. Soon, the widows were drawn into the criminal business, which forced them to follow in the footsteps of their faithful.

Work on the new version of " Widows " started last spring, when Gillian Flynn, the author of the acclaimed psychological thriller "Gone Girl", was involved in creating the script for the film. The action of the tape will unfold today in one of the American cities, and this time there will be four widows. The image of one of them will be embodied by the winner of the " Emmy " award Viola Davis . This summer, the actress could be seen on the screens in the super-villainous blockbuster "Suicide Squad", and at the end of the year she will delight her fans with a role in Denzel Washington's "Barriers", which is considered one of the favorites of the race for the upcoming " Oscars ".


McQueen is currently looking for other key roles. According to the plot, one of the remaining three widows will be white, the second will be Hispanic, and the third will represent the Negroid race.

Funding for the film will be provided by Film4 and New Regency studios, while Ein Canning and Emil Sherman, who participated in the creation of the Oscar-winning biographical drama The King's Speech, will take over the production functions.

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