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Romeo and Juliet of the dystopian world

Image Yesterday it became known that the final part of the "Divergent" franchise is at risk of turning from an expensive blockbuster into a low-budget television film, but Hollywood bosses do not even think to lose interest in film adaptations of youth literature.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Sony has decided to adapt Victoria Schwab's novel This Savage Song for the big screen. The book went to press earlier this month, but has already reached number one on the New York Times bestseller list.

The novel is set in a dark dystopian future, in which the streets of cities are swept by such a powerful wave of crime that real monsters began to appear. At the head of one metropolis there are two warring factions. The girl Kate belongs to the Harker clan, which created an army of monsters to extort the last means of subsistence from the defenseless townspeople. The family of the young man August Flynn , in turn, is trying to disinterestedly help the weak and disadvantaged in the struggle against the bloodthirsty creatures of darkness. One day, fate forces Kate and August to be on the same side of the barricades. The girl does not yet realize that the guy himself is a monster, capable of stealing other people's souls with the help of a song ...


The film will be produced by Joby Harold (Edge of Tomorrow), Tory Tunnell (Narcosis) and Palak Patel (Maleficent).

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Author: Jake Pinkman