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DC Cinematic Universe Ready To Play It Like a Adult

Image It seems that many eminent Hollywood directors in vain predicted the imminent death of cinematic comics. Recently, the creators of superhero blockbusters have begun to make rather daring experiments, thanks to which one of the most popular genres of modern cinema began to evolve extremely successfully.

For many years, it was believed that film adaptations of graphic novels rated R were not able to bring studios sky-high box office receipts. However, there was an exception to this rule last year when the $ 58 million Deadpool movie comic strip earned $ 783 million at the worldwide box office. The bosses of the studio 20th Century Fox quickly realized that it makes sense to target some superhero projects not to teenagers, but to mature moviegoers.

Proof that viewers want to see more movie comics rated R was the successful launch of Logan. The James Mangold film was released in the middle of last week, but has already managed to recoup its impressive $ 127 million production budget.


Today it became known that the success of the projects of the studio Fox may prompt the management of Warner Bros. to finally start using the R rating in the films of the MCU DC . The major could have given this age limit even to the film "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", but in the end chose to rent a version for viewers aged 13 and older. After some time, the digital edition of the film comic strip went on sale, which was rated R .

Studio WB also planned to target the adult audience of the super villainous blockbuster "Suicide Squad", but then followed the lead of the film critics and decided to limit itself to the rating PG-13 .


Now the publication The Wrap , citing a reliable source in the WB manual, reports that, if the opportunity arises, the studio will finally be ready to take the risk of releasing a movie comic strip with a restriction of “17 and older ". For now, viewers can only guess which of the upcoming blockbusters of the DC universe can receive the R rating. Perhaps it will be the new "Batman", "Suicide Squad 2" or the yet unannounced solo album Lobo?

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Author: Jake Pinkman