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Princess Leia passed away

Image The end of the outgoing year turned out to be tragic. Today, at the age of 60, the famous actress and beautiful woman Carrie Fisher has passed away. A family spokesperson issued a statement citing the words of her daughter Billy Lourdes.“It is with deep sadness that Billy Lourdes confirmed the news that her beloved mother Carrie Fisher left us at 8:55 am this morning. She was the favorite of the whole world, now she will be sorely missed. Our whole family thanks you for your prayers and thoughts about her ”, - he said.

On December 23, Carrie suffered a heart attack while on a plane flight, after which she was immediately hospitalized. For several days, doctors fought for her life, and it was even reported that the actress's condition, although severe, was stable. Alas ...

During her long and eventful life, Fischer has played 90 roles in film and TV. She was nominated for Emmy and BAFTA awards, and in 1990 she won the Saturn award. Her track record includes many diverse, deep and interesting heroines. But it was the canonical role of princess Leia Organa in the fantastic saga Star Wars that brought her world fame and love in all corners of the planet. Moreover, when the first film of the franchise was filmed, the actress was only 19 years old. Nevertheless, the image of a feminine, but very strong heroine immediately fell in love with the audience and still remains one of the most recognizable in world cinema.


Having played Leia in all the films of the original trilogy, the actress returned to her main character thirty years later. In 2015, viewers saw her again in the seventh episode, and she recently finished filming in the eighth. Episode 9 is slated for 2019, unfortunately there will be no Princess in it ...

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