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Leonardo DiCaprio gets closer to the stars

Image In recent years, Leonardo DiCaprio not only pleases viewers with new roles, but is also actively involved in producing documentary and fiction film and television projects. As it became known to the edition TVLine , the multi-talented Oscar winner intends to tell the audience about space exploration.

DiCaprio and his company Appian Way will join forces with the cognitive channel National Geographic to work on a TV series based on the novel “ The Guys b>". The book Tom Wolfe went to press in 1979. Its main characters are members of the first US astronaut corps who took part in the space program " Mercury ".

The novel "The Right Guys " has already become the basis of the plot of the film of the same name by Philip Kaufman, in which Sam Shepard, Fred Ward, Scott Glenn, Ed Harris, Dennis Quaid and Barbara Hershey played the main roles. Despite the fact that the 1983 tape failed to recoup its $ 27 million budget, it managed to gain cult status with viewers and win four " Oscars " awards. In 2013, the biographical drama was included in the National Register of Films with special historical, cultural or aesthetic significance.


The leadership of National Geographic plans to work on several seasons of the series at once, each of which will be dedicated to one of the famous research missions of the agency NASA . The first chapter of the story is expected to unfold in 1958, when the famous space race between the USA and the USSR began to gain momentum.

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Author: Jake Pinkman