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Casting: Maniac's Friend and Hyperactive Scammer

Image John Bernthal became one of the main TV stars of the past spring season: the role of The Punisher in the second season of the series "Daredevil" ( Daredevil ) not only brought unanimous the approval of viewers and critics, but also gave the character and his performer a solo project. Today Deadline announces the new film role of John . The actor is set to play the main character in Jamie M. Dugg's thriller Sweet Virginia .

Featured on the 2012 “ Best Scripting Blacklist ” in 2012,The film's text tells the story of a motel owner with a dark past ( Bernthal ) who befriends a guest ... Later, the central character learns that a new acquaintance is a murderer who plunged his small town into an atmosphere of cruelty and violence ...

In addition to " Daredevil ", Bernthal is also known as an actor from "The Walking Dead" ( The Walking Dead ) and "City of Gangsters" ( Mob City ), after which he appeared in the films "The Wolf of Wall Street", "Fury" and "The Killer". This fall, he will play in the action movie Reckoning with Ben Affleck, and next spring in Young Driver with Ansel Elgort and Kevin Spacey.

According to the newspaper, along with John , Imogen Poots, Rosemary DeWitt, Odessa Young and Christopher Abbott, who will play the aforementioned murderer, will take part in the film.


Work on the film will begin later this month.

Charlie Hunnam and Leah Seydou will be the on-screen couple in the new film directed by Drake Dorimus (Like Crazy, Equals).

The details of the plot of the tape are still kept secret, but insiders call it "a unique love story." By the way, the name of the future project is also unknown. The film was written by Richard Greenberg and produced by Ridley Scott's company, Scott Free Productions .

Hunnam , known for the TV series "Sons of Anarchy" ( Sons of Anarchy ) and films by Guillermo del Toro, are preparing two tapes in which the actor portrayed the main characters, namely The Lost City of Z and The Sword of King Arthur. Fans of Seydoux can look forward to her imminent appearance in the Canadian-French drama It's Just the End of the World, due out this fall.


In April, we wrote that the bosses of the online service Crackle were inspired by the success of the TV series "Fargo" ( Fargo ) and, following their example, are going to transfer the universe of the movie "Big Jackpot" to small screens. ". Now it became known about the first castings in the show of the same name. Rupert Grint , Dougray Scott and Ed Westwick will enter the London underworld.

The series will show how a group of young crooks, who accidentally stumbled upon a pile of gold, will try to preserve wealth, fighting off dishonest policemen, international criminals and local rascals trying to cross the road ...

The television drama directed by Nicholas Renton promises to capture the spirit of the original film as accurately as possible and repeat its entourage, but populate the world of " Big jackpot " with new stories and characters. Thus, Grint will appear before the audience in the form of a hyperactive swindler Charlie Cavendish , Scott will depict Vic Hill , a prisoner from prison, and Westwick will play the owner of the nightclub Sonny Castillo .


The first ten-episode season of the TV adaptation of "The Big Score " is set to see the light of day next year.

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