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Welcome to Dr. Jekyll

Image All sorts of monsters have always been very popular with filmmakers, but the fact that Universal is building an entire universe around its famous monsters further fuels the interest of producers in this topic.

The management of Lionsgate has something to answer to a competitor - we previously reported that the major is preparing a film adaptation of the British TV series "Jekyll" ( Jekyll ), and in July there was news about Chris Evans' participation in the project ... Now the site Deadline confirms this information, adding that Ruben Fleischer will take over the directorial chair of the remake.

Evans is known to play the main character - Tom Jackman , who is the heir to the infamous Doctor Jekyll . Over time, Tom begins to show signs of a split personality, and he decides to leave his family to learn to coexist with his alter ego. It is noteworthy that in the new "Mummy" from Universal movie fans will have the opportunity to see another interpretation of Jekyll - performed by Russell Crowe.


The directorial debut of Fleischer in big cinema was the film "Welcome to Zombieland", which was warmly received by critics and viewers. Reuben's next films, Action Thirty Minutes and Gangster Hunters, didn't get the same ovation from reviewers, but proved that the filmmaker has his own style.

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