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Hitman takes aim at TV

Image The protagonist of the Hitman series of games during its existence has killed so many people that it is difficult to count. Now Agent 47 has a new goal - to win the love of TV lovers. According to Deadline, Fox 21 and online service Hulu will join forces to create a TV project about the Hitman.

In the original video games, a genetically engineered hitman, codenamed Agent 47, is tasked with destroying a specific person or group of people. The user has the right to choose the way to eliminate the goal himself: you can simply arrange a bloodbath or go more creatively. On the small screens, the Hitman will be supervised by "John Wick" writer Derek Kolstad, who will write the pilot and co-produce the series. Adrian Askaria and Charles Gordon ("Hitman", "Hitman: Agent 47") will share these functions with him.

The Hitman has made it to theaters twice already. First, in 2007, the hitman was played by Timothy Olyphant, and in the reboot two years ago, Rupert Friend appeared as Agent 47. And while both films are not financially disastrous, they have received a lot of criticism. The full-length adaptations focused on action, while the suspense, tense atmosphere and black humor inherent in the original games were completely forgotten by the creators of action films.


According to insiders, Hulu sees the new Hitman as the flagship project for the online service.

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Author: Jake Pinkman