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Leader found for Spider-Man's friends

Image Studio Sony continues to actively develop its own cinematic universe, which will include films about Marvel comic book heroes associated with Spider-Man . So, more recently, the major invited Tom Hardy to play Venom in the blockbuster of the same name, at the same time appointing Ruben Fleischer as the director of the project. Now the second spin-off of the future universe has also got a stage director.

As we reported earlier, two of Spider-Man 's friends - Silver Sable and Black Cat , will get their own solo album. Now the information portal Variety writes that Gina Prince-Bytwood will take the directorial chair of the project called Silver and Black .

It looks like Hollywood studios are no longer afraid to trust women directors for blockbusters on a massive budget. First Patty Jenkins took over at the helm of Wonder Woman, later Anna Boden joined the Captain Marvel team, and now Sony bosses are ready to support this trend. Gina Prince-Bytwood made a name for herself back in 2000, when the indie drama Love and Basketball was released. Later, the filmmaker worked on The Secret Life of Bees and Behind the Scenes, and by the start of filming Silver and Black Gina will already have experience in filming comics - she was appointed to direct the pilot episode The Cloak and Dagger series, also based on the Marvel graphic novels.


The latest script for the new blockbuster is written by Christopher Yost (Thor 2: The Kingdom of Darkness), but Prince Bywood is planning to tweak it. The details of the plot of the film are still unknown. In the comics, Silver Sable is the head of an organization that hunt down war criminals, and Black Cat is a professional thief with acrobatic abilities. So far, only one thing is clear - Spider-Man performed by Tom Holland will not appear in the blockbuster, since the Sony franchise will exist separately from the Marvel cinematic universe, where now Peter Parker enters.

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Author: Jake Pinkman