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US Boxing Office: Spider-Man's Triumphant Return

Image Last weekend ( July 7-9 ), only one high-profile premiere was scheduled at the North American box office - moviegoers were eagerly awaiting the return of Spider-Man to the screens, and we should give him his due. he returned beautifully.

The blockbuster " Spider-Man: Homecoming " earned $ 117 million in its first weekend. Initially, distributors' forecasts ranged from $ 90 million to $ 110 million , and Sony studio completely lowered the bar, betting on $ 80 million . As a result, the film showed one of the best starts this year, losing only to "Beauty and the Beast" and the second "Guardians of the Galaxy". As for the position of Jonathan Watts among all the full-length solo films of Spidey , "Homecoming" loses only to "The Enemy in Reflection" by Sam Raimi (excluding inflation).

Peter Parker feels comfortable outside of his native cinemas - in other countries, Watts has grossed $ 140 million , and now its global income is $ 257 million . Sony management has already expressed their joy at having a great start to the reboot, noting that Spider-Man is one of the most popular characters in comics and Homecoming b>- a fresh take on superhero history.


According to critics, the new film about Peter Parker is quite a fascinating sight. An eye-pleasing cast, a complex and persuasive antagonist, and a charming protagonist are just a few of the qualities of Jonathan Watts . It is noteworthy that the latter had never worked with blockbusters before. Spidey had many opportunities to succeed, and if Andrew Garfield as a superhero was not very popular with the audience, then Tom Holland managed to find his way to the heart of moviegoers.


And since no one dared to compete with Spider-Man , the rest of the top 5 looks painfully familiar. The second position is taken by the third part of "Despicable Me" . The cartoon lost more than half of its audience and earned an additional $ 34 million . Now his achievements in the North American box office are estimated at $ 149.2 million . However, the film feels best outside of the United States, where grateful viewers are generous with $ 298.4 million .

The animation tape did not receive very favorable reviews from the reviewers. The children liked the triquel, of course, but it clearly loses in quality to the previous two parts. The only thing that saves the film from failure is the vivid familiar characters and the sincerity with which the directors tell the story of Gru and his twin Drew .


On the third line, another lucky man from the studio Sony , “ Baby on a drive ”, finished the week. Crime comedy starring Ansel Elgort has added $ 12.8 million to the treasury, and her total US earnings are $ 56.9 million with a budget of $ 34 million ... Hardly anyone from the industry or genre fans expected that Edgar Wright would have an almost perfect movie with robberies, romance and a great soundtrack.


Wonder Woman ” is not slowing down either - viewers took another $ 10.1 million to the box office of the blockbuster. The film boasts an impressive $ 368.8 million , making it the tenth highest grossing superhero film. Princess Diana has mastered almost the same amount outside the United States - in other countries she raised $ 377 million .

Closing today's review of the box office are the fifth "Transformers" . Another large-scale blockbuster from Michael Bay received an additional $ 6.3 million . Thus, the film earned a disappointing $ 118.9 million in US theaters. It is good that overseas viewers have not yet played enough toys and replenished the sequel's piggy bank for $ 375.7 million .

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Author: Jake Pinkman