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”Choose Twitter ...”. Trailer of the movie ”T2: Trainspotting”

Image Twenty years after the release of Trainspotting Britflick Mark Renton and his fellow drug addicts are returning to the big screens to delight fans of the cult film by Danny Boyle with their new adventures. Fortunately, the sequel, which is a free adaptation of Irwin Welch's novel "Porn" , has taken the helm of Boyle , and all the main cast members have returned to their roles: Ewan McGregor , Ewan Bremner, Robert Carlisle, Kelly MacDonald and Johnny Lee Miller. This allows us to hope that the project called T2: Trainspotting will not only exploit our nostalgic feelings, but also become a worthy addition to the original.

According to the plot, Renton will again meet with his reckless friends, with whom he was engaged many years ago in the fact that he methodically spent his life using hard drugs. Old habits still make themselves felt, but now the famous Scottish bastards have ambitions - they want to try themselves in the porn business. Will drug addicts, beaten by life, be able to set the heat to this world, or will the world make them bend again? ..

In USA cinemas T2: Trainspotting will appear on February 2 next year, but for now you can indulge in nostalgia in the company of the fierce Begby and the good-natured Koceryzhka with the familiar cozy beat of " Born Slippy " from Underworld .

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