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Icarus of our time

Image Three Hollywood companies will join forces to bring the life story of the Anglo-American astronaut Michael Fole to the screens. According to Deadline , Archery Pictures Chris Tiker, Forthcoming Films Ian Softley and Start Motion Pictures Michael Meher work on a film called Icarus ( Icarus ).

Ian Softley (Planet Ka-Pax, Ink Heart) himself will lead the filming of the project. Also, a film maker in the company of Lawrence Corea ("With You and Without You") is working on the script for the film, which will be based on the book Way Station to the Stars , written by Foul's father .

The speech in the future tape will be about the space adventures of Foul in the 90s, during which he, together with two USA cosmonauts, Vasily Tsibliev and Alexander Lazutkin , survived an accident at the orbital station Mir . After the incident, Fole became one of the most respected astronauts in NASA .


"The story of Michael Fole combines the heroism shown during space travel, love and tragic loss, and therefore will become the basis for an exciting film", - said Ian Softley .

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Author: Jake Pinkman