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Team Shepherd will fight superheroes

Image After the series based on the cult comic book "Shepherd" became one of the main hits of the AMC cable channel, its creators decided to take on the adaptation of another popular graphic novel by Garth Ennis. According to Deadline, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have accepted an invitation from Amazon to serve as producers and directors of the miniseries The Boys.

The comic strip of the same name was created by Ennis with the help of artist Darick Robertson. Even before the graphic novel was published, Garth admitted that he was planning a work that could give The Shepherd a head start in terms of violence. The Boys' first issues went on sale in 2006, and the story of Ennis and Robertson was completed six years later.

The comic takes place in the middle of the last decade in a world in which there are several superheroes at once. Some of them began to revel in their star status, others forgot about their duty to society, and still others even began to commit crimes. When people with superpowers become completely uncontrollable, the president instructs the CIA to assemble a special squad that could give a worthy rebuff to the costumed outlaws ...


The first attempts to film the comic were made back in 2008, when Columbia Pictures was involved in the project. Then the film adaptation of the provocative graphic novel passed under the wing of the Paramount studio, but in the end the major preferred to abandon the idea of creating a full-length version of The Boys. Fortunately for fans of Ennis and Robertson's work, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg came to the rescue of the project in 2015, offering to rework it into a television series. Now the streaming giant Amazon has seen solid potential in Boys, which has already rushed to enlist the support of the television department of Sony Pictures and Original Films.


In addition to Rogen and Goldberg, another prominent American television personality will take part in the film adaptation of The Boys. Reportedly, the miniseries showrunner will be the creator of the mystical drama "Supernatural" and sci-fi action "Out of Time" Eric Kripke.

The telecomic is set to begin filming next spring and is slated to premiere on Amazon in 2019.

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