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Survival is hard work. Alpha Drama Trailer

Image The film companies Columbia Pictures and Studio 8 have released a trailer for the drama Alpha , which tells the story of events that took place as much as 20,000 years ago. Filming based on a script by Dan Wiedenhoupt was headed by Albert Hughes, known to film lovers for the film The Book of Eli. The lead role is played by 21-year-old Australian actor Cody Smith-McPhee ("The Road").

The action takes place in Europe, in the Upper Paleolithic era. In the center of the plot is a young man who, due to a tragic incident involving an angry buffalo, fought off his own people and is presumed dead. To return home, he will have to overcome many dangerous tests, test his survivability, face fears and fight back an unfriendly world.

During the production of the picture, four buffalo suffered - they had to be sacrificed to the art of cinema for the scene of skinning the carcasses.

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The premiere of the tape in USA will take place on March 1, 2018 .

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