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Casting: Spidey's friend and player for Spielberg

Image The cast of the new " Spider-Man " continues to expand. According to the website Variety , Michael Barbieri is negotiating for a role in the blockbuster.

If all goes well, Barbieri will join Tom Holland, Marisa Tomei, Zendaya Coleman, Robert Downey Jr. and Tony Revolori. Spidey will be directed by Jonathan Watts (Police Car).

All that is known about the character of Michael Barbieri is that he will become friends with Peter Parker . It is curious that the aspiring actor initially auditioned for the role of Spider-Man himself, which was eventually given to Holland , who had already made his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the triquel of "The First avenger. ”


In the filmography of the young Barbieri there is only one film so far - the drama "Little Men". However, soon the actor's list of works will be replenished with the film adaptation of The Dark Tower, on the set of which he is now busy, as well as the film Life Now, Life Then ( Life Now and Then *).

Shay Mitchell ("Horrible Ladies") will star in the horror movie Cadaver ( "Corpse" *), which is being prepared by the studio Screen Gems . Diederik Van Ruzhen ("Daylight") will direct the film, and the script was written by Brian Seave ("Boogeyman 2").


In the center of the film will be a former police officer with a tarnished reputation, who went through rehabilitation and got a job as a night shift in a morgue. After the mutilated body is taken to the hospital, the girl witnesses brutal murders and comes face to face with a terrible creature.


The next replenishment took place in the cast of Steven Spielberg's film " Ready Player One " - he was joined by Japanese actor and musician Win Morisaki .Based on the bestselling book by Ernest Klein, the film takes place in the virtual world of the game OASIS , where participants fight for victory, which will give them the right to inherit the enormous fortune of the creator of the game. Morisaki to play Daito - a Japanese Easter egg hunter. Filming is due to start this summer.

* -preliminary translation.

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