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Justice for all

Image Popular actress Taraji P. Henson decided to tell the audience about one of the most shameful spots in the history of the American judicial system. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Golden Globe winner is set to produce and play a key role in the as-yet-unnamed biographical drama about a black teenager, Emmett Till, who is the victim of a brutal racist crime.

Till was born in 1941 in Chicago. In August 1955, he traveled to Missouri to visit his relatives. While walking around the city of Mani, the teenager dropped into a small grocery store. At the counter he was greeted by 21-year-old Carolyn Bryant. There is a theory that Emmett just whistled at the sight of a pretty girl. Bryant herself claimed that Till grabbed her first by the arm and then by the waist.

A few days later, Bryant's husband and his half-brother broke into the home of Till's relatives. They twisted the teenager and threw him into the back of their pickup truck. The vigilantes transported the prisoner to the other side of the city, where he was tortured and beaten. Ultimately, the perpetrators shot Emmett and dumped his body into the Tallahatchee River.


The teenager's mutilated body was found three days later. Till's mother refused to bury her son in a closed coffin to draw public attention to the crime. Emmett's torturers were arrested and brought to trial in September 1955. The jury, which included not a single African American or a single woman, found them innocent. Soon, the criminals, using the amendment on the inadmissibility of re-involvement, openly confessed to journalists in the murder.

The death of a teenager played an important role in the formation of the civil movement for equal rights for people of different skin colors and prompted many American journalists to become more active in reporting on racially motivated crimes. In 2006, Carolyn Bryant confessed to perjury about Till behaving inappropriately with her.


The film will be directed by two-time Academy Award-nominated John Singleton (Boys in the Street, American Crime Story), and Henson will appear on screen as Emmett Till's mother.

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Author: Jake Pinkman