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WB and Dwayne Johnson found the director of Shazam?

Image In October 2014, Warner Bros. Studios first unveiled a plan to build the DC Cinematic Universe. At the same time, the official announcement of the film " Shazam " took place, in which Dwayne Johnson signed up for the role of the main antagonist.

The studio did not hide the fact that one of the highest grossing actors of our time will have to embody the image of an insidious villain nicknamed Black Adam . However, then the film company practically stopped sharing news about the progress of the film about the adventures of the teenager Billy Batson , who only needs to say one magic word to turn into an adult superhero. Recently, fans of the DC universe began to receive information about the fate of the project only from Dwayne Johnson himself. Last week, the actor first announced the end of a fruitful meeting with the WB management, and then gave a hint that the studio representatives could soon make some kind of official statement.

There is a possibility that WB is ready to announce the names of the roles of Batson and his superhero alter ego. However, Hollywood insiders tend to believe that this is the end of the search for the director of " Shazam ".


According to the portal Batman-News , over the past few days, Jeff Jones has become a reader of tweets from several representatives of the production company Johnson . Last May, DC Comics 's Creative Director was promoted to DC Films as the new curator of the superhero universe. Curiously, following the production team of “ Shazam ,” Jones also followed filmmaker Brad Peyton on Twitter.

At one time, monitoring the activity of the leadership of WB on social networks helped insiders to predict the name of the director of the blockbuster "Flash". It was Rick Famuyiva, who, however, has already managed to leave his post due to creative differences with the studio bosses.

It is possible that insiders are not mistaken this time. Dwayne Johnson has previously appeared in Peyton films such as Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and San Andreas Rift. The actor and director found a common language so easily that they are ready to work together again in the very near future not only on the sequels of the two above-mentioned films, but also on the adaptation of the video game Rampage.


It is worth noting that WB officials are in no rush to confirm rumors of Brad Peyton being appointed director of “ Shazam ”.

The USA premiere of the blockbuster is scheduled for April 5, 2019 .

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