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Fifty Saint has come up with a new superhero

Image 13 years ago, the rapper Fifty Saint riveted the attention of the music community, and only two years later he made his film debut. The first, almost autobiographical role was followed by new, very different ones, and soon the actor, gaining popularity, became a producer at all. Today, The Tracking Board is writing about Fifty , a writer whose superhero story is loved by Starz and is set to become a new series soon.

The television drama, dubbed Tomorrow, Today , will center on a retired soldier from South Chicago. The character will go to jail after being found guilty of a crime that he did not commit. In prison, a madman doctor will turn a former military man into a killing machine. Once released, the hero will try to establish relationships with people who have turned away from him. To do this, he uses the newly acquired superpowers for good purposes ...

It is reported that Fifty and his company G-Unit Film and Television will be producing the project. Note that this is not the first screenplay of Fifty Senta . One of the main rappers of the 2000s was the author of scripts for such films with his participation as "Before I self-destruct", "Trunk", "Various things". The latest films by Fifty -actor at the moment are the crime comedy "Spy" and the sports drama "Lefty".

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Author: Jake Pinkman