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Universal will arrange new mission to Miami

Image Studio Universal is ready to send Kevin Hart and Ice Cube to another police raid in hot spots. As reported by Variety , the Hollywood major is starting to create the third film in the Ride Together series.

The franchise got its start in 2014 when Tim Storey's action-comedy set a new North American box office record in January. The Ride Together budget was $ 25 million , and it completed its trip to theaters with a result of $ 154 million . Already in February of the same year, Universal management officially gave the green light to the second part. The sequel, which received the title "Mission to Miami" in the domestic box office, earned $ 124 million with a $ 40 million budget.

Despite the fact that the first two parts of the film series were defeated by critics, the bosses of Universal have no doubts about the success of the triquel at the box office: Hart has become almost the most popular comedian in recent years USA. No wonder the magazine Forbes awarded Kevin the first place in the ranking of the highest paid actors of the comic genre over the past year.


The plot of the triquel is still kept secret, but Variety reports that the team of the original dilogy has already begun its development - director Tim Storey and screenwriters Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi.

The Topic of Article: Universal will arrange new mission to Miami.
Author: Jake Pinkman