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Millionaire, investor, criminal, boxer

Image Hereford Films intends to invite viewers behind the scenes of the underground fighting world. According to The Tracking Board , the British studio is starting work on the tape " Handsome ", the plot of which will be based on the autobiography of the legend of the underworld of Foggy Albion - Roy Shaw.

Shaw began his criminal career at a young age. He received his first term for an attempt to crank out an armed robbery of a collection vehicle. On the eve of his 40th birthday, Roy finally realized that he had spent half of his life behind bars. Shaw decided to try his hand at sports, but was unable to obtain an official boxing license. As a result, the former criminal nicknamed Handsome had to earn his living by underground fistfights.

Roy fought so desperately that he soon became not only a favorite of the public, but also a frequent guest on the covers of British tabloids. Shaw decided to use his star status to finally end his old life. The boxer was extremely successful in investing in real estate, thanks to which he managed to earn a multimillion-dollar fortune in just a few years. In his old age, Handsome sat down to work on his autobiography, which was destined to become a national bestseller.


The book The Show will be adapted for the big screen by young screenwriters Dean Lines and Ray Bogdanovich, with Neil Jones in the director's chair. The director himself compares his future project with the film "Bronson" with Tom Hardy in the title role. This is not the first time Jones has shown interest in boxing: in 2011, his biographical drama "Overcome" gathered an impressive collection of professional awards in the UK.

Mark Cooper Harris will portray Roy Shaw in Handsome . The British actor is not very familiar to a wide audience, but he has the title of champion of the Amateur Boxing Association of England.


Curiously, Hereford Films is currently finishing work on a film about the life of Lenny McLean, who was considered the main rival of Roy Shaw . In the 70s, boxers fought three bloody fights that some experts consider the best fights in the history of underground sports.

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