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Nancy Drew returns to TV

Image Over the long time that has passed since the creation of the character of Nancy Drew in the 30s of the last century, a myriad of novels have been written about the famous detective, several dozen computer games, a series of comics, a couple of films and TV series have been released. Despite the fact that none of these TV shows lingered on the air for long, the last few years, TV bosses have not abandoned their attempts to revive the story of the popular detective girl on the small screens. According to the information portal Deadline, this time NBC will take over the development of a TV project based on the popular series of children's books.

It will be run by screenwriters and producers Tony Phelan and Joan Raiter, who have collaborated on Grey's Anatomy, Secretary of State and Doubt, as well as Oscar-winning producer Dan Jinks (American Beauty, Big Fish ") And CBS TV Studios. This is the same creative team that was behind another attempt to reboot the story of Nancy Drew in 2016, but it didn't go further than the pilot on CBS. Apart from the title and main source material, the projects have very little in common as the NBC series will be based on a completely different idea from Phelan and Raiter.


The main character of the story will be a writer, author of a popular series of detective stories for teenage girls, who will suddenly face a real crime and, of course, will take up its investigation. For help, she will turn to two of her best childhood friends, who have been a source of inspiration for her works over the years. True, women are not at all delighted with the light in which the so-called "best" friend has been exposing them in books all this time.


Tony Phelan and Joan Raiter's past attempt to bring back Nancy Drew to the screens did not go beyond the pilot episode, but it was still close to getting a full season. The main character of that project was supposed to be a 30-year-old detective of the New York police performed by the star of the TV series "The Suspect" Sarah Shahi. However, the bosses of the CBS channel then leaned in favor of another project of the writers - the legal series Doubt, starring Katherine Heigl.

“We took off the pilot and tried to forget about him, but we couldn't. We loved these characters so much,- said Raiter. -But we knew we needed to approach this story from a different angle. ”This is how the authors came up with the idea of making Nancy Drew a writer in her forties or fifties, creating books based on stories that happened in childhood with her and her friends.

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