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US Box Office flew into space

Image It is unlikely that the title of the film, which headed the US box office after the results of the past weekend ( July 22-24 ), will come as a surprise to anyone - American viewers rushed to the theaters to watch the blockbuster " Star Trek: Infinity ", which was initially considered one of the most anticipated new products of the year.

The last weekend has become somewhat iconic for the North American box office - for the first time since May last year, paintings from the top 5 grossed more than $ 20 million each. An important contribution to this achievement was made by the third "Star Trek", which earned $ 59.6 million .

If we abstract from the results of the previous parts of the rebooted franchise, then this amount can be called a success. However, the second film, "Star Trek: Retribution", still grossed 15% more ($ 70.1 million). Infinities are predicting the completion of home distribution at around $ 180-190 million, and given the $ 185 million budget, the creators of the triquel have to rely on the worldwide box office. There, the blockbuster Justin Lean has so far made its debut with a result of $ 30 million , but ahead of it will premiere in several key markets.


According to critics, Lin managed to feel and convey the atmosphere of the original series in the film. There is enough in Infinity - space action, humor, philosophy, in general, the triquel gives reason to assert that the Star Trek franchise has not yet exhausted itself.


The second line behind the new "Star Trek" was taken by the animation tape " The Secret Life of Pets ". The third week at the box office brought the cartoon an additional $ 29.3 million , and now its assets include $ 260.7 million . But Chris Reno and Yarrow Cheney received $ 75 million for the production of the picture. The obvious conclusion suggests itself: viewers will never get tired of watching four-legged pets, especially if they joke, throw parties and steal other people's cars.


In third place dropped the new " Ghostbusters " - this weekend brought them just $ 21.6 million . In a week, the blockbuster's viewership fell by 53% at once, and it still has $ 86.9 million in its piggy bank - not so much, considering the production budget of $ 144 million . The women's company of hunters could collect their own in the world cinemas, but there they have only $ 36 million , and the final result of the film Paul Fig will hardly amaze anyone's imagination. Of course, for the tape, even before its critically acclaimed release, Ghostbusters feels pretty cheerful, given that the reviewers eventually became generous with positive reviews, all thanks to the comic nature of the main quartet.


The third position in the top 5 with "Ghostbusters" was shared by the horror " The Lights Go Out ... ", produced by James Wan. The horror movie, filmed by David F. Sandberg for less than $ 5 million , grossed $ 21.6 million in its first week. True, cinema goers gave him an average rating of B , but this does not prevent the creators of the tape from rubbing their hands and counting profits. Critics noted the excellent acting performance of Teresa Palmer and Maria Bello, which, we must admit, is rarely spoken about projects of this genre. In addition, horror will definitely make you fidget in your chair, and the very beginning of the film does not look trite.


Closes the five best cartoon " Ice Age: Collision is inevitable " with a result of $ 21 million . Although the tape of Galen T. Chu and Mike Termeier raised more than $ 20 million, it still disappointed distributors, because before that all parts of the franchise earned more than $ 41 million in the first weekend. on the other hand, the "Ice Age" is very popular in other countries, and the $ 179 million worldwide collection is a vivid confirmation of this.

Critics of the fifth part were unhappy, because the directors, not finding sensible ideas for the further expansion of the universe, decided to leave at the expense of not the quality, but the number of characters. "Ice Age" has lost the charm for which adults and children around the world love it so much, and it's time for Hollywood to understand and accept this.

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Author: Jake Pinkman