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Image American screenwriter Charles Randolph is ready to cement his status as one of the main Hollywood experts on biographical drama. Earlier this year, he won an Oscar for his work on the Short Game, which focused on the US mortgage crisis. Randolph's next project will tell about one of the most high-profile sex scandals in the history of American television. According to The Tracking Board , Charles has accepted an invitation from Annapurna Pictures to write a screenplay for an as-yet-untitled film about the ruin of media mogul Roger Ayles.

For many years, Ayles served as chairman and CEO of Fox News . During his half-century career, he managed to become one of the most influential people on American TV. In the mid-1960s, it was Roger who convinced Richard Nixon that television was the key to winning the presidential election. Subsequently, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush also used the services of Ayles as media consultants.

In 2014, journalist Gabriel Sherman wrote in The Loudest Voice in the Room , that Roger once offered a career advancement to one of his employees in exchange for intimate favors. The story was quickly hushed up, but in July of this year, the tycoon received another charge of sexual harassment.


Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit against Ayles . Roger began to claim that the woman simply harbored a grudge against him, since the channel did not offer her a new contract. However, three days later, Sherman announced that he had six more witnesses who were ready to confirm that the distinguished television veteran had repeatedly molested his subordinates during his career.

The channel's reputation was severely damaged, but its owner Rupert Murdoch decided to keep Ayles as chairman of the board until the end of the Republican national convention. Right in the midst of an election convention on Roger's dirty tricks , the current star of the news channel, political columnist Megyn Kelly, also decided to tell. Murdoch had no choice but to point Ayles to the door. As a severance pay, the loving CEO of Fox News received $ 40 million .


Three-time Oscar nominee Megan Ellison (American Scam) will be hired to produce the film.

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