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Harley will cause a stir in cartoon Gotham

Image While the DC cinematic universe is going through hard times, the company continues to successfully develop a different direction. Warner Bros. is preparing to launch a streaming platform under the DC brand, and the animation division of the major has already begun work on the animated series about Harley Quinn, which will consist of 26 episodes. The website Deadline reports.

The heroine has enjoyed unprecedented popularity before, but after the image of a sexual psychopath in "Suicide Squad" was embodied by Margot Robbie, her army of fans grew significantly. Moreover, Robbie should appear in a separate full-length spin-off about Harley and the Joker, and in Sirens of Gotham City. According to the source, the creators of the new project want to make the actress one more tempting offer - to give a voice to the Joker's girlfriend in an animated series.

The action of the new show will unfold after Harley broke off relations with the Joker and set out to become the queen of the underworld of Gotham. Other popular DC characters such as Poison Ivy are also expected to be featured in the series. The idea for the project belongs to Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumaker and Dean Laurie, who worked with DC on the comedy Powerless.


Harley Quinn was originally invented by Bruce W. Timm and Paul Deaney for the animated series Batman, and after the antagonist migrated to the pages of comics, becoming one of the key figures in the DC universe. The new streaming platform will offer viewers not only a project about Harley, but also the game series "Titans" and the revived "Young Justice League".

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Author: Jake Pinkman