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Yeats's critters, Gibson's pacifist and Lungin diva: watch this week

Image The middle of November, the nastiest month of the year, will mark the release of one highly anticipated release for moviegoers. The movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was actually eagerly awaited by everyone who grew up on the books about Harry Potter and the film franchise dedicated to him. Fans of Eddie Redmayne's acting talent and, of course, a vast army of connoisseurs of epic fairy tales were also waiting for him.

Already now we can say with confidence that "Fantastic Beasts" in USA will be met more than cordially, and if you are one of those viewers who go to the cinema only on exceptional occasions and only on tapes that deserve to be seen on the big screen - this is exactly the case when you should spend money on a ticket.

The film by David Yates, the director of four films about a boy with round glasses, is a prequel and at the same time a spin-off of the Potter. According to the plot, the zoologist-magician Newt Scamander , the author of a textbook that Hogwarts students studied, will go to New York, taking a mysterious suitcase. There he will meet various witches, wizards and magical creatures, and later describe his impressions in a book.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
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The Oscar-winning Redmayne was accompanied by such actors as Colin Farrell, Jon Voight and Ron Perlman, and recently it became known that in Fantastic Beasts you can expect a cameo of Johnny Depp - in the image of the powerful dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald . In subsequent films in the new franchise, Gellert may return to take part in the greatest magical duel in history.

For reasons of conscience
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Another rental favorite next week will definitely be Mel Gibson's war drama For reasons of conscience , which follows a pacifist soldier named Desmond T. Doss (Andrew Garfield), who refused to fight but rescued as a nurse there are many lives on the front of the Second World War. According to the first reviews of the film, the return of the 60-year-old Australian to the director's chair can be called quite impressive: in the degree of drama and naturalism of battle scenes For reasons of conscience can compete with such a standard of the genre as Saving Private Ryan ". Let's hope that the defiant behavior of Gibson and his harsh remarks about some representatives of the film industry will not prevent the film from getting its well-deserved, according to many respected critics,

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Fans of chilling stories about eye worms, the depths of the subconscious and eerie experiments on children in USA cinemas will have three premieres at once. Virus from directors Henry Just and Ariel Schulman tells about the terrible "worm flu" epidemic that hit the residents of a small town. Australian Fear of the Dark will introduce you to the fearsome inner demons of a female psychologist, and Evolution co-produced by France, Belgium and Spain will open the doors to a hospitable medical institution more like laboratory of crazy scientists.


The domestic film industry November 17 will release two projects. The first is a dramatic thriller by Pavel Lungin "Queen of Spades" starring Ksenia Rappoport. Ksenia plays a brilliant opera diva, planning her directorial debut in the face of fierce competition between artists. Judging by the trailer, the director of the films "Tsar" and "The Island" is once again ready to present the audience with something visually original, highly emotional and provocative. Note that the recent premiere of the film in Moscow went off with a bang: the audience gave a standing ovation, and the press agreed that Lady Peak was going to be a great success.

ImageThe second domestic premiere of the week, a purely festival (besides Buryat) drama "Touch of the Wind" , will tell about a terminally ill woman who, during her trip to Lake Baikal, had a fruitful conversation with an astrologer lama.

For those who miss the noisy holiday comedies, our distributors have prepared a movie "My Big Greek Wedding 2" . The sequel to the 2002 film will focus on the 15-year-old Paris (the daughter of the original protagonist). She is in a hurry to finish school and go to college in another city, where many Greek relatives will not reach her. However, circumstances will turn out so that the girl will have to stay at home and take part in the preparation and celebration of the epic wedding ceremony. The film, which has a budget of $ 18 million, has already grossed more than $ 88 million at home. At the same time, the critics did not like the picture - in their opinion, the jokes do not shine with originality, and the heroes no longer cause such sympathy as they did 14 years ago.

Rachel Weisz and Michael Shannon will be waiting for romantically-minded viewers and spectators in USA cinemas. In the atmospheric drama Fleeing from Reality (rated R ), they will present an unusual love story full of secrets that the two characters would like to forget about, but cannot. The film was first shown to the public at the Sundance Independent Film Festival, where it received the most controversial reviews. However, almost none of the critics had any complaints about the play of the leading actors.


And finally, fans of hyperrealism will be able to relieve their souls in the session Unknown . Celebrated at the Cannes Film Festival , this detective drama by the Dardenne brothers tells the story of Jenny , a doctor who finished an appointment in her office, and therefore did not open the door for a late visitor. The next day, she learned that not far from her work, the police had found the body of a murdered girl. Tormented by remorse, Jenny tries to figure out what happened that unfortunate evening.

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