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Casting: through the thorns of circus life to the stars

Image In February, it was reported that Brad Pitt was going to conquer space in the sci-fi movie " To the Stars ". Later, Tommy Lee Jones signed up to take part in the filming, and now the portal The Hollywood Reporter writes that the filmmakers found a suitable company for Hollywood stars in the person of Ruth Neggie ("Shepherd", "Loving").

Only a few details are known from the plot of the film.The protagonist, engineer Roy McBride ( Pitt ), decides to fly into space 20 years after his father ( Jones ) went on a mission to Neptune in order to find signs of alien life, and disappeared. Now Roy intends to find out what happened then.

Filming should begin very soon, and in the near future additional information about the project and other casting news will probably appear. The director's chair will be taken by James Gray (Fatal Passion), who wrote the screenplay in collaboration with Ethan Gross (Beyond the Boundary).

Director David Mackenzie has already invited his co-star from the Western "At Any Cost" Chris Pine to play the Scottish monarch Robert I the Bruce in the film Outlaw King , and now he has found an on-screen partner - she will be Florence Pugh ("Lady Macbeth"). Although Robert I the Bruce has already been a movie hero, Mackenzie plans to take a fresh perspective on the king's life story and how he helped Scotland gain independence from oppressive England.


Mackenzie wrote the original script himself and was revised by Bathsheba Doran (Success). Previously, the filmmaker offered Ben Foster the role of the Scottish knight James Douglas , but the actor refused, and now he will be replaced by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. It is unknown who Florence Pugh will play, but she will most likely try on one of the wives of Robert I the Bruce .

Joseph Gatt (Nation Z) has joined the cast of the feature film Dumbo , which is being directed by Tim Burton. Earlier, Colin Farrell, Eva Green, Danny DeVito, Michael Keaton and Deobia Oparey agreed to work with the renowned director on the Disney project.


At the center of the action will be Holt ( Farrell ), formerly a brilliant circus performer and now a soldier who returned home from the war. The owner of the circus Max Medici invites the protagonist to take care of a newborn elephant, whose huge ears have already become the subject of ridicule. However, when the children of Holt discover that Dumbo can fly, the resourceful entrepreneur ( Keaton ) and the aerialist decide to turn the animal into a real star.

The world premiere of Dumbo is set for March 29, 2019 .

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