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Sony will find a cure for death

Image The popularity of comics in Hollywood is only growing every day, and not only superheroes are in demand, but also other genres. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Sony has acquired the rights to film a mini-series of graphic novels called AD: After Death .

The original authors are Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire , both well known in the comic book world. So, Snyder managed to work on short stories about Batman , and Lemir collaborated with Marvel .

The futuristic comic AD: After Death hit store shelves last month.Its action takes place in the future, when humanity made a grandiose discovery - a cure for death was found, acting at the genetic level. However, not everyone likes this state of affairs, and the main character is not at all satisfied with the fact that his life will never end ...


Lemir already knows the studio Sony - last year the major got the rights to the author's comic book called Descender . Josh Bratman ("Night of Fear", "Nian") is producing the new project.

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Author: Jake Pinkman