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Jared Leto will make a splash in art

Image As the site The Hollywood Reporter managed to find out, one of the most notable persons in the history of 20th century art will receive a biopic. Jared Leto , Michael de Luca and Terence Winter are preparing a biographical drama about Andy Warhol.

Summer will play the role of Warhol himself in the film, and will also share the production functions of the project with de Luca . The latter knows from his own experience how to make films about real people - the dramas Captain Phillips and The Social Network were nominated for Oscar . Terence Winter ("The Wolf of Wall Street") will write a new film, guided by the book by Victor Bockris "Warhol: Biography" .

Warhol burst into the art world in the 60s. His work was about the culture of mass consumption, and Andy proved that you can portray not only celebrities, but also Coca-Cola or cans of soup. Warhol created his own studio, called "Factory" , to bring his works to the masses. In 1968, an attempt was made on the artist's life, which subsequently affected his work. Warhol continued to experiment, and his name will forever remain in the history of pop art.


For the Dallas Buyers Club, also based on true events, Jared Leto won the Oscar , and this year the actor introduced the new Joker in his performance in the "Suicide Squad". While Jared is busy filming the Blade Runner sequel.

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Author: Jake Pinkman