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Rewind your life

Image So far, everything that Seth Gordon has shot for the big screens has been in one way or another in the comedy genre. According to the portal Variety , the director of "Horrible Bosses" is ready to try something new. According to the portal, Gordon will lead the shooting of the drama Life in Rewind .

The film, based on the book by Terry Murphy, tells the story of a promising young athlete Ed Zain , who managed to overcome a severe mental illness thanks to the help of a professor from Harvard. At an early age, Ed witnessed the death of his own mother, after which the boy developed obsessive-compulsive disorder. The fear of death was so great that Zayn refused to leave the basement of his house for three years. And only Dr. Michael Jenicke was able to help Ed , but for this he had to go beyond the boundaries of traditional medicine.The future tape has been compared to such films as “Good Will Hunting "And" My boyfriend is crazy ".

“This story captured our hearts, as did Seth's understanding of the pain that Ed Zayn felt , the producers of the project John Powers said in a statement. Middleton ("Don't Breathe") and Alex Foster ("Sleepless Night").


In addition to Horrible Bosses , Seth Gordon's filmography includes the comedies "Four Christmases" and "Catch the Fat Woman If You Can", and his latest work, a remake of "Rescuers Malibu" just now in theaters. True, after two weeks in the North American box office, the tape cannot boast of impressive financial results, and critics do not speak too flattering about it.

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Author: Jake Pinkman