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Suicides gave the US box office a riot

Image Despite a considerable number of negative reviews from both critics and viewers, the blockbuster " Suicide Squad " managed to retain its first line in the past weekend ( August 12-14 ) North American box office.

The weekend ended for the company of suicides with the result of $ 43.8 million . However, although the leadership remained with the film David Eyre , its audience dropped by 67% at once. For Warner Bros. , this situation is a repetition of what Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice experienced earlier. In general, in two weeks Suicide Squad has a pretty good achievement - $ 465.4 million , of which $ 222.9 million are earned at home and $ 242.5 million outside the US.

The film about a company of villains hired by the American government is further proof that the Warners still cannot find the perfect formula for their cinematic universe. Heavy artillery was thrown to the rescue - the studio management officially launched the sequel "Man of Steel" in production, designed to correct the situation.


Now Suicide Squad is in 11th place among all releases this year, and journalists predict that the tape Eira will complete distribution in the region of $ 550-600 million.

Behind the blockbuster WB in the top-5, there is an animation film " Full of Raskolbas ", which has managed to surpass its expectations. So, distributors predicted the film Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon debut fees of $ 20-25 million, and as a result, the weekend ended for the film at $ 33.6 million . There are not so many examples for comparison: usually animated comedies rated R made about $ 10-13 million in the first weekend, as, in particular, "South Park: Big, Long, Uncut" or " Team America: World Police.


However, despite such an impressive start, the film still received an average B rating from viewers on the CinemaScore site. Professional reviewers were not so stingy with positive reviews, and in some of them the epithet "revolutionary" even slips. Critics agreed that Full Rumble offers moviegoers something really new both in the plot and in terms of its presentation.


The third line is occupied by another newcomer rental - fantasy " Pete and his dragon ". Unlike The Complete Dissolve , David Lowry's painting earned rave reviews not only from critics, but also from viewers, but at the same time earned only $ 21.5 million over the weekend . However, the management of Disney expects that the remake of the 1977 tape will appeal to the overseas audience and, in the end, will recoup its $ 65 million budget.

Pete and His Dragon has already been named by critics as one of the best remakes of recent years. Lowry has turned out to be a truly family film, reminiscent of the classic films of House of Mouse . The director, who previously filmed only short films and low-budget films, managed to fill his new creation with magic visible to the naked eye.


A new film about Jason Bourne has dropped to fourth place. The third rental week resulted in the amount of $ 13.6 million for him. At the same time, the painting Paul Greengrass has lost only 39% of its audience - much less than seven days ago. In North American theaters, the action movie has already earned $ 126.8 million with a budget of $ 120 million . It seems that the franchise is beginning to outlive itself, because the main criticism was the lack of any novelty in the film.


Comedy " Bad Moms " manages to stay afloat even with such strong competitors. The film John Lucas and Scott Moore again surprises with a low percentage of audience drop (only 18%) and decent gross ( $ 11.5 million in the third week of release ). All in all, this funny tape has collected $ 71.5 million , despite the fact that the studio STX spent only $ 20 million on its production.

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Author: Jake Pinkman