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Hellboy retired

Image In recent years, director Guillermo del Toro and actor Ron Perlman have tried numerous times to find funding for a third Hellboy movie. The latest attempt to reanimate the franchise came last month, when del Toro promised to hold a meeting with the red-skinned demon comic book author Mike Mignola if Twitter users supported the idea of creating a triquel. As a result, in the first 24 hours alone, over 130 thousand people signed a kind of petition in support of the project.

Today from Twitter Guillermo came disappointing news: he will not be able to fulfill his dream of turning the story of the hero from hell into a movie trilogy.“I have negotiated with all interested parties, the director announced. -I have to report that the third film is not destined to see the light of day. We will no longer attempt to launch it into production. ”

A superhero is looking for a job. Loves pizza, cats and the Marx Brothers, - Perlman reacted to the news of parting with the image of Hellboy . "In memory of the untimely demise of the franchise, the rest of the day will pass without my tweets."


The film series was launched in 2004. Although the film "Hellboy: Hero from Inferno" has delighted comic book fans and earned high marks from critics, it failed to meet the financial expectations of Revolution Studios . Since the production budget of the film comics is estimated at $ 66 million , it could only begin to bring profit to the studio after breaking the mark of $ 132 million . To the disappointment of the filmmakers, the film completed its theatrical release with $ 99 million .

Home theater owners came to the rescue of Guillermo del Toro . Thanks to their efforts, the Hellboy DVD edition has become one of the best-selling discs of 2004. Two years later, the rights to the franchise were acquired by Universal , which decided to spend on the filming of the sequel $ 85 million . Hellboy II: The Golden Army was released in 2008. Kinokomiks again managed to earn rave reviews from critics, but $ 160 million in fees did not allow him to get to the level of formal self-sufficiency.


Fans of " Hellboy " can only thank Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman not only for the magnificent dilogy, but also for the passion with which they have been years fought for the fate of the triquel. It remains to be hoped that this duet will delight the audience with their joint work more than once.

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Author: Jake Pinkman