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Netflix Fly Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Image It seems that Ryan Murphy never runs out of ideas for new projects. The creator of such popular anthologies as American Horror Story, American Crime Story and Feud, is preparing a series that will be a prequel to the cult film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest .

The news site Deadline managed to learn that the online service Netflix , bypassing Hulu and Apple , emerged victorious in the fight for the rights to the new Murphy project, dubbed Ratched ( Ratched *). It is noteworthy that the series has already received an order from the streaming platform for two seasons at once.

From the title it is easy to guess who will be discussed in the drama. She tells the story of the nurse Mildred Ratched , for her role in the 1975 film Louise Fletcher won an Oscar . The series begins in 1947, and as the plot unfolds, viewers will be able to follow the heroine's career in the mental health system and see how Mildred has turned from a regular nurse to a real monster.


Ryan Murphy decided to give a newcomer to the industry a chance: the script for the show was written by Evan Romanski , just recently graduated from film school. Murphy worked for a year to buy out the rights to the character and enlist the support of Michael Douglas, who produced the original film, and his muse, Sarah Paulson . The actress, who has received Golden Globes and Emmy with Murphy , will play in the new series Mildred Ratched .

* - preliminary version of the name.

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Author: Jake Pinkman