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Hollywood to talk about police violence

Image Screen Gems Studio decided to present the audience with a police drama about one of the most pressing problems of the American law enforcement system. Deadline reports that the California-based film company has acquired the script rights for the yet untitled action-thriller Peter E. Dowling ("The Illusion of Flight").

In the center of the plot of the film will be a young black-skinned employee of the Detroit police, who will witness how a group of corrupt cops without trial or investigation will crack down on local drug dealers. Since a body-worn video recorder will be attached to the form of the main character of the story, she will have irrefutable evidence against her colleagues. Soon, the girl will become a target both for representatives of the Detroit drug mafia and for corrupt police officers. The former will be sure that she was involved in the murder of drug dealers, while the latter will try to get hold of a compromising video ...

The original script for Dowling was Exposure , but the bosses of Screen Gems decided that the movie was worth finding a new one name.


Screen Gems Senior Vice President Eric Puckett has been appointed curator of the project, and Sean Sorensen ("Mayhem") will be endowed with the production functions.

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Author: Jake Pinkman