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Paramount drew her sword of vengeance

Image Although the adaptation of "Ghost in the Shell" has received a lot of criticism, Paramount studio does not abandon attempts to transfer another iconic manga to the big screens. Hollywood has been trying to create its own version of "The Lone Wolf and His Child" for many years, but now work on the project has moved off the ground. According to The Hollywood Reporter, veteran screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker, best known for the films Seven and Sleepy Hollow, will take on the adaptation of the cult manga by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima.

The film is produced by Justin Lin ("Star Trek: Infinity") and Stephen Paul ("Doomsday"). Moreover, Lin still plans to take the director's chair of the film in the future, although the Paramount management has not made official statements on this matter.

The story of a disgraced executioner who turns into a wandering assassin and travels around the country with his son has already been adapted by the Japanese themselves into the Sword of Vengeance series, which consists of six films. Also, "The Lone Wolf and His Child" formed the basis of two television series.


As for the Paramount version, the studio has been trying to bring the project to mind for 15 years. Once upon a time Darren Aronofsky was interested in the film, and last year the Ghost in the Shell team was going to have a hand in the film adaptation. Apparently, the bosses of the major do not have confidence in them, and therefore they invited their favorite screenwriter David Fincher to the company of Lin. Walker has contributed to the films Seven, The Game, and Fight Club, and the dark tales of revenge are a familiar theme for him.

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