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Point of no return

Image Sony Pictures Television , which has just announced the start of work on a remake of Starsky and Hutch, is preparing another interesting project. According to the site Deadline , the studio has acquired the rights to film the book Adam Sternberg The Blinds , which will be adapted for TV.

Imagine a place inhabited by criminals ... Their lives were taken from people, their memories were erased. They got new personalities and with them - a second chance. Welcome to Blinds, a dusty town in the Texas countryside where the dregs of society have settled. They do not really know whether they have committed a crime in the past or have witnessed it. One thing is clear to them: those who leave the city will sign their own death warrant.

For eight years, Sheriff Calvin Cooper managed to keep the city at peace, but suddenly there is murder and suicide. Cooper also has secrets, and therefore when his deputy begins to get to the bottom of the truth, the sheriff must be one step ahead of her and the mysterious outsiders who have become a threat to the peace of the city. The more Cooper learns, the more he becomes convinced that the Blinds is no longer a quiet haven, but a place where violence, deceit and betrayal flourish.

The original book, released in early August, was written in the genre of a thriller with elements of a western and managed to deserve comparison with the works of Cormac McCarthy and the Coen brothers.


Together with Sony , Original Film is being filmed by renowned Hollywood producer Neil H. Moritz, who previously worked on Bring Back from the Dead, Escape and Shepherd.

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Author: Jake Pinkman