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Xenomorphs and Coppola's Confession: Watch This Week

Image May this year turned out to be unpredictable in terms of weather. As if to match the month, next week's premieres turned out to be very motley. Many moviegoers are looking forward to Alien: Covenant by Ridley Scott. But even those who are indifferent to the adventures of xenomorphs and their victims, distributors will find something to please. For example, the project of the wife of the great Francis Ford Coppola.

The next part of the Ridley Scott franchise will tell about the crew of the Covenant spacecraft, which arrives on an unknown planet. She looks perfect for a colony. However, what looks like heaven at first turns into hell for the Covenant team ...

Alien: Covenant
Second Duplicate Trailer

Several years ago, Ridley Scott announced his desire to provide details of the xenomorph universe. Explain who they are, where they came from and what happened to them before the first meeting with Ellen Ripley . Although fans of the franchise were wary of the news, the director released Prometheus, which featured a synthetic Michael Fassbender and a host of psychological and social reflections. As for the new part, foreign critics were supportive of it. Most of all, they praise the dramatic role of comedian Danny McBride and the detailed disclosure of the themes of immortality and the divine principle.

The Wall Street Hunter tells about a man who is ready to rise to the top of the business Olympus. But the more time and thoughts he devotes to work, the less they are left for the family. In short, the hero must make the most difficult choice in his life ...

Dubbed trailer

The trailers for the film set up a positive mood. True, it is still worth making certain reservations. Firstly, for Mark Williams, who worked as a producer for many years, The Hunter of Wall Street became the director's debut. Secondly, the quality of the paintings in which Gerard Butler has been playing in recent years leaves much to be desired. Whether the actor succeeded in winning the favor or not, we'll find out next week.

The tape "A Voice from the Stone" will send the viewer to the middle of the last century. A man lives in an old castle in Tuscany, whose wife died, and his son did not say a word after she left. It is there that a girl comes with the gift of bringing back traumatized children to life. On the spot, she realizes that the boy is communicating with representatives of the other world ...

Duplicate Trailer

The picture is notable for the fact that the main role in it was played by Emilia "Mother of Dragons" Clark. Some of the critics note a very powerful emotional beginning of the tape, while others pay attention to the work of Clark , which is struggling to get away from the image that made her popular.

“Paris will wait” will tell the viewer a romantic story in which the middle-aged wife of an influential movie mogul finds herself. Feeling lonely due to her husband's constant travels, the heroine decides to go from Cannes to Paris by car. She is accompanied on this journey by her husband's business partner. Two days alone with a seductive man is exactly what a woman tired of loneliness lacks.


The film "Paris Will Wait" was shot by Eleanor Coppola, the wife of the man who gave us The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, Dracula and many other amazing films. The plot easily shows the autobiography of what is happening - Elinor filmed a fantasy based on real events. As the saying goes, anyone can write a good novel if they decide to talk about their life. It's the same with movies. Moreover, critics are unanimous that Diane Lane played the best role in her career. In general, there are more than enough reasons to go to the cinema.

The feed "Bird" will tell about an unusual couple of friends: a rock musician who is being treated at the clinic, and a teenage girl who just howls the whole clinic.


The main role in "Bird" was played by Ivan Okhlobystin, one of the most controversial USA filmmakers. Someone, in principle, does not watch anything with his participation, someone, on the contrary, does not miss a single tape or series. True, in recent years, the images that he creates differ little from each other. After watching "Birds" , it will become clear whether the actor has given out something fundamentally new or has continued to act on the knurled one.

In addition to the above films, on May 18, several more films will start at the box office. The growing viewer will be able to watch the cartoon "Feather Trio" . For fans of choreography, distributors will show the documentary "The Dancer" about the life of the ballet icon Sergei Polunin, Italian comedians will offer the viewer to taste "White Wine from Babbudoyu" .

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