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Neil Blomkamp wants to return to District 9

Image In 2009, the talented director, screenwriter and animator Neil Blomkamp burst into the world of big cinema with the film “ District 9 ”. The stunning sci-fi thriller nominated four Academy Awards and grossed more than $ 210 million on a modest budget of $ 30 million . Blomkamp himself received nominations for the " Oscars ", " Golden Globes ", BAFTA and ", and also included in the list of" 100 most influential people in the world.

To the disappointment of the audience, the South African failed to fully justify the advances given to him. In 2013, his "Elysium: Heaven is not on Earth" received very controversial reviews in the press, and two years ago "Robot named Chappy" was completely crushed by critics.

It seemed that the reboot of Alien would give the director a chance to rehabilitate himself, but Neal 's views on the future of the franchise went against Ridley Scott's Napoleonic plans.


Many fans of Blomkamp work agree that the long-awaited sequel " District # 9 " could give the director an opportunity to restore the director's reputation. While chatting with fans on Reddit Neil , he confessed that he is indeed considering the idea of continuing his hit.

I would like to return to the world of“ District 9 ”and tell the audience the continuation of the story about Vicus and Christopher - said the director. -The problem is that I now have a lot of other ideas and developments that I would like to start implementing. In addition, you need to pick up a very special key to “ District # 10 ”. The plot of the first film dealt with the problems of South African society, with which I was familiar from early childhood. I have to make sure that the sequel also covers current topics and issues. ”


Recently, Neil founded his own company, Oats Studios , which currently only deals with experimental short films. Blomkamp is unlikely to have the funds and resources to make a full-length sequel to the 2009 film outside of the Hollywood studio system. Movie fans can only hope that Neil will be backed by Sony , which rented " District 9 " through its subsidiary TriStar Pictures .

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