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Hit the bone

Image Just yesterday we wrote that a biographical drama about the life of Muhammad Ali's brother went to work, and today another good news came from Hollywood for boxing fans. According to Deadline , the American film companies LD Entertainment and Entertainment 360 have acquired the rights to film the book Stayton Bonner Bare Knuckle .

The work of the journalist for Rolling Stone , GQ and Men's Journal will go on sale next year. The book tells about the life of the Canadian boxer Bobby Gunn , who began his career in professional sports in 1989. To date, he has played 30 boxing matches, in which he has suffered seven defeats. Bobby has won heavyweight championship titles several times, but the real fame came to him by participating in fights without gloves.

It was the clandestine fights that helped Gunn unleash his full potential. At 43 years old, he remains the champion in fights without special boxing equipment. During his career, he had more than 70 fights without gloves and did not suffer a single defeat in them. On August 5, 2011 Gunn earned the right to take part in the first official boxing match in 122 years, in which fighters were allowed to fight with their bare hands.


The big screen adaptation of Staton Bonner will be directed by Tony Toast (Longmire), and the production team will include Mickey Liddell (Skirmish), Guymon Kesedy (Game of Thrones) and Pete Shileimon ( The zoo keeper's wife ").

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