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When you don't need a prince to save you

Image The incredible success of Wonder Woman, which grossed nearly $ 771 million with a budget of $ 149 million worldwide, has once again made the movie bosses pay attention to strong and independent heroines. Delicate young ladies who rely only on their fair princes are a thing of the past. Now in the trend are fighting girls, acting on the principle of "saving the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves."

While Warner Bros. is rebooting the Lara Croft franchise and continuing the story of the Amazon princess, Sony Pictures has found its own fearless comic book heroine. According to the information portal Deadline , the company has acquired the rights to film a series of graphic novels entitled Princeless .

At the heart of this story created by Jeremy Wheatley and Emily Martin is Adrienne , a strong, brave and intelligent black princess who challenges and defies expectations and stereotypes associated with princesses. From an early age, the girl is indignant at any restrictions placed on her and fights with them, trying to determine her destiny.


On her sixteenth birthday, she is tricked into locked in a tower - the standard fate of any princess on the planet. But instead of waiting for the prince to save her, Adrienne decides to take matters into her own hands. She escapes with the help of the dragon guarding her, exchanges her dress and crown for a sword with armor and sets off to rescue her six sisters, who are imprisoned in towers in the same way.

The upcoming film will be scripted by Stephanie Robinson (Atlanta), and produced by Michael Suga (13 Reasons Why, OA) and Ashley Zalta (Sherlock Holmes: A Play of Shadows) of Anonymous Content.

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