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Deadpool found a fighting friend

Image The show "Atlanta", which won this year's Golden Globe Awards for Best Television Comedy, was a good start for its creator and star Donald Glover. Recall that the actor got the role of Lando Calrissian in an unnamed project about Han Solo . As it turns out, not only is Glover reaping the rewards of Atlanta , but also his co-star Zazie Bitz joining the team second "Deadpool" .

The press learned about this in a rather non-standard form. First, a journalist from The Tracking Board tweeted that there were rumors that Bitz auditioned for Deadpool 2 and was liked by the studio management 20th Century Fox . After this information was confirmed by Ryan Reynolds, having posted a photo with the dominoes depicted on it, where the name of the actress was stamped.

The fact that the creators of "Deadpool" are looking for a fighting friend for the chatty mercenary became known back in the fall. About ten actresses applied for the role of Nina Thurman , nicknamed Domino , but then Bitz was not among them. The heroine first appeared on the pages of comics in 1992, and already in 2003 she received her own series of graphic novels. In addition to the fact that the girl perfectly wields various types of weapons, she also knows how to influence the probability field, forcing the events that she needs to happen.


A couple of days ago, producer Simon Kienberg mentioned in a conversation with reporters that Deadpool and Cable will be involved in the X-Force blockbuster. It is likely that they will take Dominoes with them, although this information has not yet been officially confirmed.

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