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An offer fans can't refuse

Image Good news for all fans of the legendary The Godfather came from IndieWire : next month Francis Ford Coppola will present The Godfather Notebook b>"* ( The Godfather Notebook ). Publishing publisher Regan Arts has already shared a book trailer, and Coppola himself has named the book a map, with pointers leading to the methods of making his film. "Notebook" represents notes, comments, reasoning made by the master in preparation for filming and during the workflow.

“When I realized that I would be filming a work by Mario Puzo, I began my work by re-reading the novel, very carefully, making all kinds of notes in the margins. During this second reading, a lot became clear to me, I saw here a metaphor of American capitalism, expressed through the story of the great king and his three sons: the eldest, who took over from his father his passion and aggressiveness, the middle, who took the gentleness of nature, and the younger, who inherited his delicate intelligence, cunning and composure ", - says the director at the beginning of his book.


An interesting fact is that the American film classic has already introduced fans of the crime saga to the history of working on his cult film - in 2001 in the documentary "Francis Coppola's Notebook" directed by Kim Aubrey. Its printed version will be released next month, and a limited edition signed by the master will also be released.

*- preliminary translation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman