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Jack Ryan found shelter on TV

Image In 2014, the film "Jack Ryan: Theory of Chaos" failed to gain much success at the box office, as a result of which the studio Paramount was forced to think about another reboot of their spy franchise. In September last year, it became known that the main character of the Tom Clancy book series could get a new life on small screens. Jack Ryan was commissioned by the scriptwriters of the cult serial Lost - Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland.

According to The Tracking Board , the Hollywood major managed to find a buyer for his project in the person of Amazon corporation. In just a few years, its streaming service has managed to become a prominent figure in the content producer market. Last year, Amazon TV won its first-ever Emmy award, and this September its dramas and comedies will compete for sixteen statuettes.

The TV adaptation of the Clancy novels received an order from the management of the online service to produce a 10-episode first season, bypassing the usual scheme with preliminary filming of the pilot episode. This decision did not surprise insiders, as Paramount not only assembled a stellar team of writers and enlisted the support of Michael Bay's company, but had already completed the search for a leading actor. Jack Ryan will be portrayed by John Krasinski in this action-packed thriller.


The actor is known primarily for his comedic roles, but recently he has been increasingly seen in dramatic films. This year, the military drama "13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" gave an opportunity to try yourself in the role of the action hero Krasinski . John will be the fifth actor to play Ryan : previously Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine have portrayed CIA analysts in big movies.


The production team of the series will include Bradley Fuller ("The Last Ship" / The Last Ship ), Andrew Form ("Black Sails" / Black Sails ), David Ellison ("Mission Impossible : Phantom Protocol ") and Dana Goldberg (" Jack Reacher ").

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