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Kevin Hart will be back to school

Image Universal decided to tell film fans about the value of a good education in a light and humorous manner. According to The Tracking Board , the Hollywood studio has begun work on the comedy " Night School " * ( Night School ).

The main role in the film went to the popular American comedian Kevin Hart . The 37-year-old actor will have to embody the image of the leader of a group of social outcasts who have to go to adult school to get a high school diploma.

The idea of creating a comedy belongs to Hart himself. Harry Ratchford, Joey Wells, and Matthew Kellard contributed the first script for Night School Kevin , and final edits were made by Nicholas Stoller (Always Say YES ).


The invitation to take the director's chair of the film was received by Tim Storey , under whose leadership Hart has already starred in the comedy "Think Like a Man" and the dilogy "Ride Together".

Currently Kevin is busy on the set of the American remake of the French tragicomedy "1 + 1". The comedian also plans to work on the third part of " Travel Together " in the nearest future.

* - preliminary translation.

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